My Connection to Growing Bud Is Spiritual!

It might sound crazy, but it’s true! Learning how to cultivate these plants deepened my relationship with our Almighty Creator. It opened me up to see how energies flow through this universe on a whole other level, and how we are all connected, down to the plants, and beyond!

When I first started growing I had to start from scratch and mostly with online mentors to get a sense of direction. Eventually I realized there was so much they could teach me, but there was a major part of growing I needed to cultivate myself. I started with 3 strains; Jack Herrer, Missing in Barcelona, and Royal Gorilla. I would spend hours observing the plants. From the soil, to the stems, each leaf, bottom of the leaves, examining every sugar leaf and crystal. Don’t get me started on when the beautiful buds started blossoming! Lord knows my heart, mind, body, and soul spoke to them, and they spoke to me. I was able to feel what they needed and it allowed me to help them thrive! I’m also a major perfectionist and needed to make sure they were being raised PERFECTLY so I could have PERFECT Bud! Isn’t that what we all want!

Well I have to say, developing my connection with my plants and making sure I gave them 100% of what they needed, 100% of the time, paid off! My buds were full and luscious and although I knew there was room for improvement, friends and Fam were quite impressed at my first go around. But after I harvested my plants I realized how much more of the plant was left after removing the buds, and it really started to make my mind churn.

I started to research how to make what was left of my cannabis plants resourceful, and man did it blow my mind! But once I learned it could be used to build homes with insulation, build and supply vehicles with fuel, and the list goes on 50k+ more resources. My whole paradigm shifted.

I was raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and as many Christian religions believe, I was taught that a new time was coming and soon we’d be living in a perfect paradise on Earth. We must be good Christian’s, stay alert, and be prepared. Since a baby my parents taught me that we would need to rebuild the Earth after Armageddon and God would turn the world into that paradise. Although a lot has been skewed along the line, I do find truth in a lot of what I was taught. I know that God uses people to accomplish Their will on Earth. My creator has inspired me to contribute to creating that new paradise on Earth in more ways than just one. Why wait until after Armageddon to start learning how to be resourceful and rebuild? Let’s be resourceful now! Why wait to be healed? Let’s begin healing now! God has blessed us with this Earth to supply us with everything we need to heal and thrive! Even if we’re not here, these are things we need to teach the generations to come, our children. So I’ve vowed to continue to sharpen my craft at growing and be able to supply affordable resources for the world with my plants.

Many of us recognize we live in a global system that is crumbling, but there is indeed a rainbow that follows, and yes it is important for us to be prepared. One way we prepare is by remembering our connectedness to one another no matter what we look like or where we come from. No matter how religious or non religious. Spiritual or non spiritual. We are all ONE with each other, the animals, the plants and our beautiful Mother Earth, Gaia. We all need each other to survive! Let’s do our part to help rebuild our world in a new positive light.

I will be hosting a workshop for those who would like some direction with growing Cannabis on Sunday, January 22, 2023 at 3 PM EST. Register to learn what it takes to grow at home on a budget!

In this workshop you will learn:
•The 5 phases of cultivating quality bud.
•Everything you will need to supply your grow.
•How to recycle your plant parts.
And ask all the questions you’ve had about growing your own! We’ll be having a live Q&A sesh. PLUS All Participants Will Receive the Official Heavenly Herbs Grow Manual!

Let’s think big! Paradise is just a plant away! 🌿

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