Instagram & Facebook have long been notorious for ghost blocking and deactivating accounts of individuals who either express themselves creatively through marijuana, run legal Cannabis businesses, or those who are striving to break stigmas and correct the narrative on Cannabis.

The Cannabis industry is growing faster than ever, yet Instagram chooses not to progress with the changes. Allowing the cannabis industry to thrive on social media will allow people to access new events, products, and a variety of cannabis content for those who medicate, and the enthusiasts who legally indulge.

Help us break barriers by signing the Petition to End Cannabis Censorship! It won’t cost you time or money. Just Enter your name, email, and hit submit.

It’s time for the underdogs to get some shine.

We appreciate your support in this!

Join us to learn how to grow at home on a budget, and with limited space.

Workshop participants will receive HeavenlyHerb’s step-by-step grow manual and supply list to help assist you along the way!

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