Why So Much Emphasis on the “Latina-Owned?” – Allow me to introduce myself.

Hey there, I’m Rachele Sanchez owner of HeavenlyHerbs LLC. In 2017 I decided to master the art of growing craft cannabis as a hobby, and for my own personal use. Now, as more and more states legalize cultivation, my mission is to educate, provide resources, and correct the narrative on cannabis consumption and uses, with the hope to empower more people of color who want to grow it, to do so!

Why so much emphasis on the “Latina-Owned” you may ask? Well, it’s indeed a statistical fact that as the Cannabis Industry booms, people of color – especially Black Americans and Afro-Latinos – continue to be oppressed, imprisoned, and left behind. Therefore, it’s crucial for us who identify as entrepreneurs in the industry to stand out, unite in our communities, and help each other thrive!

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