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Empowering Everyday People to Grow Their Own HeavenlyHerbs!

Free HeavenlyHerbs Grow Guide

The Free HeavenlyHerbs Grow Guide gives first time growers an overview of the 5 phases of growing quality cannabis at home. All HeavenlyHerbs subscribers receive the grow guide and discounts to workshops and community events!


$30 – 1-Hour online beginners class on How to Grow Your Own HeavenlyHerbs! Learn the basics and what you need to grow on a budget. A Q&A Session will follow the presentation.

Each ticket purchase comes with a HeavenlyHerbs Grow Guide, PLUS One (1) Raffle Prize Entry for a chance to win your very own clone to start growing your own!

*Must be 21+ to register.


$75 – 1-hour virtual consultation with our Grow Specialist, PLUS (2) check-ins thorughout your grow! Includes HeavenlyHerbs Official Grow Manual.

Learn to Grow Herbs: Beginner’s Manual

$25 – First time growing your own HeavenlyHerbs? Need a supply list to start with? Want help figuring out temperatures, humidity levels, or when it’s time to water your plants?

The HeavenlyHerbs Official Grow Manual guides first time growers, step-by-step, through the entire grow process with specific instructions for each plant phase and photos for the visual learners! Purchase your guide and happy growing!

*HeavenlyHerbs offers plant clones upon special request. Please email for more info.

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